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Receivers :    EPR 1, 2, 3, 4   

Audio Surveillance - XMM50

XMM50 - audio transmittersXMM50 - from our Maser Range, has an operation time of up to 4 days with clear, crisp reception

Audio Surveillance - XMM80 -

XMM80 - has identical features to the XE60 but transmissions are not encrypted. Whether for portable, mobile or fixed operations the system is versatile. The adaptors which can be used with the basic transmitter module convert the transmitter for operation as a room, body- worn or vehicle transmitter. It can also be used as a telephone transmitter. A panic button adaptor can be connected to the XMM80 can be used for signalling an emergency situation.


- XMM82 - combines the ultimate versatility of the popular XMM80 and produces a higher power output for greater distance and gives superb clarity of reception. This modular transmitter system has a substantially higher power output (in the order of 250mW, UHF and 450mW, VHF).

XE60, VA51, EPT109

XE60 - is exceptional in that it has been specifically designed for the gathering of information with a high emphasis on agent protection. All transmissions are encrypted for total security.
VA51 - is a voice activated transmitter for long term operation. The battery life can be reasonably expected to be in the region of 6 months confirming its use for long term operation.
EPT109 - is especially designed for telephone monitoring and will transmit all calls from telephone extensions. Activated only when the telephone is in use it will require no further attention once installed.

Listening Thru' Wall Amplifier -

This device obviously has a thousand applications, however many we mention, the experienced operative can name a few more. It will pick up sound through a wall, door or window and return a crystal clear result, free from unwanted surrounding noise. It can be used for instantaneous monitoring or it may be used as a permanent through-wall amplifier and transmitter. It can be used as a normal receiver if the external microphone is disconnected.

RCT53 -

The RCT53 remote control transmitter can be operated remotely and is ideal for long-term use in difficult access areas. A unique coded signal operates the on/off function from a distance of up to one kilometre on a standard activator.

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EuroEye Spy Equipment

Our New site for descreet bugging toolsDescreet Bugging: If your looking for descreet bugging equipment for undercover spying operations then here at EuroEye we have a wide range of tools for combating industrial espionage and tackling internal theft from staff.
Millions of pounds annually are lost by business in the UK alone through stock theft from staff, customers, delivery personnel and opportunist crime. This applies to all businesses, be it retail newsagents, manufacturing concerns, restaurants, supermarkets, garages and showrooms. EuroEye is dedicated to making full use of the technology available today to nullify this threat and to restore peace of mind to the business owner. Equally there is a very real threat from industrial espionage within corporations competing for survival. Internal security, although normally efficient and well trained, can not be expected to be capable of dealing with the enormity and consequence of this danger. EuroEye can. That is our area of expertise. We use the very latest, specifically designed, electronic devices, which include miniature cameras, microwave equipment, listening devices, counter measures and multi-detection systems to ensure your security.

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