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EuroEye - Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring, - Wire tapping information EuroEye -Here at we stock the latest spy tools to help you fight against industrial espionage and theft from staff.

Theft from Staff - Millions of pounds annually are lost by business in the UK alone through stock theft from staff, customers, delivery personnel and opportunist crime.
This applies to all businesses, be it retail newsagents, manufacturing concerns, restaurants, supermarkets, garages and showrooms. EuroEye is dedicated to making full use of the technology available today to nullify this threat and to restore peace of mind to the business owner. Equally there is a very real threat from industrial espionage within corporations competing for survival. Internal security, although normally efficient and well trained, can not be expected to be capable of dealing with the enormity and consequence of this danger. EuroEye can. That is our area of expertise. We use the very latest, specifically designed, electronic devices, which include miniature cameras, microwave equipment, listening devices, counter measures and Multi-detection systems to ensure your security. Underneath is some suggested eavesdropping equipment and bugging device solutions. Employee monitoring can save you thousands of pounds.

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Wire Tapping

Wire tapping - If you are looking for Wire tapping devices then please send us a E-mail to and we will send you details of the latest equipment that are on the market.

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Tracking Systems - TX 103, 145

TX103, TX145,

The TX103 can be operational for up to 14 days. The special lightweight design and compact construction makes it the ideal transmitter to track small objects or animals. The TX103 is cylindrical in shape with button-type cell batteries securely fitted in an integral screw-up compartment.

The TX145, similar in size and shape to the TX103, provides a higher output and is, therefore, an ideal choice when there is a need for an operation over a greater distance. The TX145 is a perfect choice for the protection of valuable property such as computers or machinery.

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Video Transmitters :    EVT22    EVT55    EVT80    PA20 / 100   

Compressed Audio Module Bugging - CAS2TW

theft from staff - CASTW

In order to achieve the highest quality audio from a video surveillance operation it is essential to feature a compressed audio module. With this conversation tapping device the audio levels are boosted and loud audio is processed in such a way distortion is eliminated. This is particularly relevant in large monitoring sites. The compressed audio / pre-amplifier unit allows for the signal to be taken directly to a VCR up to a mile away. Redundant wiring in houses or alarm systems can be utilised thereby cutting costs.

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Cameras :    SBC4, SBC5    Remote Control   

Video Surveillance Bugging Cameras

eavesdropping equipment - surveillance cameras

Video Surveillance Cameras - BWC1, CC2, LCC3 These are specifically designed on the premise that video installations are often prone to less than ideal lighting and operating conditions. As such the cameras supplied are of the highest specifications and reliability.

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