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MPR-1 : Micro-Pen Digital Voice Recorder

digital voice recorder

MPR-1 : Micro-Pen Digital Voice Recorder.

Our new USB-Connect Micro-Pen Digital Voice Recorder offers 8 hours (7hrs 50mins) of voice-activated, crystal-clear, digital record-time without use of magnetic tape -- audio is stored in 16MB of flash memory which makes it ideal for use as a dictation recorder, or as a memo recorder by law enforcement, investigative journalists, attorneys, medical professionals, secretaries, business professionals, students, and the general public. Measuring only 5.25" (L) and weighing only 1.3 oz., the MPR-1 comes complete with 1 AA battery, earphone, USB-Connect cable (for connection to PC), line in/out cable (for connection to standard recorder), audio software (CD), necklace-strap, manual, and a manufacturer's warranty.

The MPR-1 features:

PC CompatibleUSB-Connect (for quick audio download)
Voice-Recognition-Software Compatible (WAV file recognition required)
Two Separate Audio-Storage Folders
Streamlined Pen Design
Flexible Fast-Forward and Reverse With Jog Button
One-Button Eraser
Time/Date Stamp
High-Resolution EL Backlight LCD Display Window
8 Hours (7hrs 50mins) Record Time (on one AA battery - included)
Two Record-Speed Modes (SP - 250 min/LP - 470 min record time)
Built-In 38db Microphone (with HI & LO sensitivity setting)
Built-In Speaker
Built-In Audio-Out Jack
Built-In Line-Out Jack
Built-In Earphone Jack
Audio-Transfer Feature (to standard cassette via audio-out jack)
Audio-Transfer Feature (to PC via USB jack)
Battery-Powered (battery included)
Windows 98, ME, 2000 compatible

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Long Distance Bugging Gold Range

long distance bugging devices GTRX1, GMTX3, GTTX2, GPTX4The Gold Range consists of transmitters and receivers with the emphasis on concealment and are ideal for covert operations.
They include:

GTRX1 - UHF Room Trans: battery operated and very small
GMTX3 - Mains Transmitter: used for long term monitoring, transmits indefinitely
GTTX2 - Tel Transmitter: installed on a telephone line, transmitting when in use
GPTX4 - Pen Transmitter: contained within a pen, typically used when installation time is short

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EuroEye Spy Shops

spy shops - Our flash website for all your Spy equipment needsEuroEye Spy Shops: If your looking for eavesdropping equipment then here at EuroEye we have a wide range of tools for combating industrial espionage and tackling internal theft from staff.
Millions of pounds annually are lost by business in the UK alone through stock theft from staff, customers, delivery personnel and opportunist crime. This applies to all businesses, be it retail newsagents, manufacturing concerns, restaurants, supermarkets, garages and showrooms. EuroEye is dedicated to making full use of the technology available today to nullify this threat and to restore peace of mind to the business owner. Equally there is a very real threat from industrial espionage within corporations competing for survival. Internal security, although normally efficient and well trained, can not be expected to be capable of dealing with the enormity and consequence of this danger. EuroEye can. That is our area of expertise. We use the very latest, specifically designed, electronic devices, which include miniature cameras, microwave equipment, listening devices, counter measures and Multi-detection systems to ensure your security.

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E-mail:    sales@euro-eye.com      Tel: +61(08) 8212 4629      Fax: +61 (08) 8211 7861

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