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Receivers :    EPR 1, 2, 3, 4   

Audio Receivers - EPR 1, 2, 3, 4

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The EPR range of receivers can fit discreetly in your pocket (with stereo earpiece connection for instantaneous monitoring). Extensive filtering circuitry, the latest surface mount technology and specially selected low noise components ensure greater sensitivity and crystal clear audio quality. The receivers are simple to operate, rugged and are available in single, tow, three or four channel options in frequencies of your choice.

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Conversation Bugging Audio surveillance kits are specifically designed to be operated in any one of four environments:

Kit 1: consists of a sensitive miniature room transmitter and an AR1 receiver contained in a robust presentation case. The RT1 room transmitter is an extremely sensitive miniature transmitter operated by a PP3.
Kit 2: consists of a high power transmitter with excellent sound quality and longer transmission range than Kit 1. Also contains an AR1.Kit 3: this system is designed for long term monitoring and is mains powered. It consists of an MT4 transmitter and an AR1 receiver.
Kit 4: telephone monitoring system using an SKT2 telephone transmitter and AR1 receiver. The SKT2 is connected unobtrusively in parallel with the telephone line and allows for continuous telephone transmission.

Also in the audio surveillance range we have the GLS200 - Global listening system, the gold range, the RT44, telephone transmitters, wired sound system and several other transmitters and room bugs.

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Our New site for undercover spying toolsEavesdropping Equipment: If your looking for eavesdropping equipment for undercover operations then here at EuroEye we have a wide range of tools for combating industrial espionage and tackling internal theft from staff.
Millions of pounds annually are lost by business in the UK alone through stock theft from staff, customers, delivery personnel and opportunist crime. This applies to all businesses, be it retail newsagents, manufacturing concerns, restaurants, supermarkets, garages and showrooms. EuroEye is dedicated to making full use of the technology available today to nullify this threat and to restore peace of mind to the business owner. Equally there is a very real threat from industrial espionage within corporations competing for survival. Internal security, although normally efficient and well trained, can not be expected to be capable of dealing with the enormity and consequence of this danger. EuroEye can. That is our area of expertise. We use the very latest, specifically designed, electronic devices, which include miniature cameras, microwave equipment, listening devices, counter measures and multi-detection systems to ensure your security.

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