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Tracking - A NEW perspective

When people think of tracking, they invariably think of GPS (Global Positioning System) location systems used in logistics management.

However at EuroEye we believe that the technology should meet the customers needs and there is no 'one size fits all solution.

For example, when trying to track stolen property it is fair to assume that the thief has hidden the stolen goods inside where GPS simply does not work. This is why our stolen goods recovery service has been developed utilising a mixture of technologies to meet these special needs.

Asset Tracking Unit

Asset Tracking Unit

The Asset Tracking Unit has been developed employing the same basic principles as for the Personnel Alarm System (PAS), with more or less the same components. ATU has no external power supply and has an activation cover made of plastic. This causes the unit to be extremely robust and it can withstand almost all temperature changes and external forces. The unit can detect movement, time and temperature as well as containing anti tamper/removal alarm. These are the parameters that enable the unit, through SMS, to be adjusted to fulfill most positioning needs, both in connection with theft and goods logistics. The external Direct Frequency (DF) beacon enables the unit to be traced in all environments, both indoors and out. The SMS protocols have also made it possible to utilise the same simple remote programming solution as is used for PAS, and this can control the units power management, frequency choice, DF beacon, detection of nonmoving goods, goods starting to move, etc, and warn the base station of this information. Technical data can be found on the Flash site.

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Personnel / child Tracking System

Personnel / Child Tracker

The personal alarm has been developed to ensure personal safety for a wide selection of user groups, such as victims of violence, lone worker, the elderly and infirm and especially children. The product is functional and easy to handle for the user; all complexity has therefore been moved to a "black box" solution in which a software-based system via SMS handles the various functions for the user. The personal alarm consists of a main unit (MU), a remote wristwatch type unit (RU) - optional for specific applications - and a desktop charger.

System Information:

Blue tooth linkage from MU to Remote Unit RU. Blue Tooth is a frequency shopping system which through recognition defines the MU as master and the RU as slave. The system can transfer audio as well as data based traffic, and is a digital system. Blue tooth enables the MU to communicate with a maximum of 7 external RU's or other communication equipment such as pulse, temperature reading, blood pressure, etc. This also makes the MU functional as a small alarm station, for instance in gas stations and similar units with up to 7 RU / employees.

DF Radio Beacon:

433 Mhz Radio Beacon for directional finding within identified areas from cell ID etc (458 Mhz for higher power outputs e.g. Cash in Transit, ATM safes). 433 Mhz is a bearing frequency which is internationally used and has proven to be quite applicable for this system, mainly because it has been demonstrated to be quite suitable for densely populated areas. This frequency may, by the use of SMS, be altered for optimal use, and the effect may also be adjusted to 2 levels. Measured effect on the antenna is approx. 2 mw, but will in the future be adjusted to 10 mw. The effect has proven to be adequate within the necessary presentation areas based on e.g. known single cell identification with TA (Timing Advance) within the network.

GSM Module 900 / 1800:

By using the terminal's own TA (timing advance) we have in our own software, returned necessary TA (time from the base to the GSM terminal) information to the mapping system. This has been tested and has been demonstrated to be compatible with other positioning platforms. Use of TA limits the presentation area (the area where the alarms is triggered) where the network does not support this already.

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Advance Spy Surveillance Equipment

Our New site for advance spy surveillance equipment If your looking for advance spy surveillance equipment & eavesdropping equipment for undercover operations then here at EuroEye we have a wide range of tools for combating industrial espionage and tackling internal theft from staff.
Millions of pounds annually are lost by business in the UK alone through stock theft from staff, customers, delivery personnel and opportunist crime. This applies to all businesses, be it retail newsagents, manufacturing concerns, restaurants, supermarkets, garages and showrooms. EuroEye is dedicated to making full use of the technology available today to nullify this threat and to restore peace of mind to the business owner. Equally there is a very real threat from industrial espionage within corporations competing for survival. Internal security, although normally efficient and well trained, can not be expected to be capable of dealing with the enormity and consequence of this danger. EuroEye can. That is our area of expertise. We use the very latest, specifically designed, electronic devices, which include miniature cameras, microwave equipment, listening devices, counter measures and multi-detection systems to ensure your security.

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